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Annotations #1: Aramaic Alphabet
Annotations #3: Shewas & Transliteration
Annotations #5: Letters & Points Table
Annotations #7: The Dagesh
Annotations #9: Memorizing Indep. Pers. Pronouns
Annotations #11: Noun Patterns
Annotations #13: Noun Roots
Annotations #15: Babylonian & Tiberian Vowel Points
Annotations #17: Notes on Stevenson §2
Annotations #19: Enclitic/Suffixed Pron.
Annotations #21: Peal Perfect Paradigm
Annotations #23: Peal Imperative Paradigm
Annotations #25: All Vowel Patterns
Annotations #27 Aramaic-Hebrew Vowel Patterns
Annotations #2: Aramaic Vowel Points
Annotations #4: BeGaDKePhat / Transliteration
Annotations #6: Aramaic Syllabification
Annotations #8: Independent Personal Pronouns
Annotations #10: Aramaic Nouns & Adjectives
Annotations #12: 62 Tips & Rules Thus Far
Annotations #14: Rozenthal Notes §1-3
Annotations #16: Nominal Inflection (Tib/Bab)
Annotations #18: Personal Pronouns (Nom.)
Annotations #20: Peal Indicators
Annotations #22: Peal Imperfect Paradigm
Annotations #24: Vowel Patterns
Annotations #26: More On Vowel Patterns
Annotations #28 Pael, Haphel & Aphel Pf.

(The above vocab list was compiled by one of my classmates, Caleb Wang, and then encoded and put into this program by me.)

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Pronunciation: Indep. Personal Pronouns

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Vocab: Words Occurring 50+ Times

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